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My name is Uri Shamay, I am diverse technology enthusiast, hacker in my soul, tech lead and system architect. I live and breathe computers and programming since I was a child, and since then I've been playing with computers for hobby & profession.
I have two decades experience of polyglot programming, mostly in the startup's world, building and architecting a wide variety of systems and infrastructures in multi-cloud environments, massively distributed and high-performance systems, BE, BI/DS, Big-Data, both from Dev and DevOps perspective, in a variety of programming languages, mostly on: C/C++, Java and Golang.
My previous roles included both technology mentorship and leading software engineers.
I was key player in Cotendo success story. I started from the begining of the company at R&D and held a few positions:

* Tech Leader && Software & System Architect
* Infrastructure Team Leader

After it was acquired by Akamai, I became a principal lead on the next generation internet infrastructure, built the edge server that run in 250K places worlwide.
I was first citizen and the lead developer at Juno (acquired by Gett), building services for millions of users in the ride sharing space.
As a community contribution believer, I co-founded Java IL and Tech Leads IL communities. Recently I co-founded Podcast called Root Cause to share our knowledge and experience about how to build robust software by examine horror stories, and what we can learn from them, both from production and security perspectives, and how to develop mental model to prevent the jungle out there.
As part of my ongoing mission of contribution, I was a mentor for childrens in tech schools, and computer science lecturer in the academy.
I have an extensive experience in any Linux distro. In my free time I am playing with Kali :X, also I love to hack my network devices with dd-wrt, and doing some cool stuff with Raspberry Pi.
My favorite hobby: drinking coffee in the morning with the smell of CPU & GPU after a long night's computation cycle (crypto mining cluster ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

In the R&D I love the D, but more the R, my ongoing research are:
* High performance network I/O programming approach: lightweight threads (coroutines) VS native threads.
* Coarse-grained locks and Transactional Synchronization inside CPU (e.g Intel TSX): better throughput in locks based algorithms.
* CUDA/OpenCL: how to utilize parallel algorithms with GPU parallelization.

My favorite topic in computer science are:
* high performance computing
* distributed computing and BigData
* high performance network servers
* lock free & wait free algorithms

I love to think in multi-threaded, and love to optimize everything!
P.S. LOL I hope you already discovered that from the domain name...

If you are like me, searching infinitly to became a better engineer, you probably go nuts with the infinite computer/programming/dev out there in the net. To handle this, I released some productivity tool that helps me to read just the top dev content categorized by topic tag, you can enjoy from it also here: Topp

My 42 zone:
The best book I ever read:: The Linux Programming Interface
My favorite xkcd:: Ineffective Sorts
My favorite Abstruse Goose:: Computer Programming 101
The coolest hack ever:: Reflections on Trusting Trust (Ken Thompson Hack)
Funny stuff on theoretical vs practical in software engineering:: The Ultimate in Garbage Collection (1995)
One of the funniest photos ever...: ...
Want to know more...
Follow me on GitHub:: GitHub
Follow me on Twitter:: @cmpxchg16
My PGP:: (9BAD50267BD5084C)

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