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My name is Uri Shamay, and I am a computer geek and Mechanical-Sympathy junkie. I live and breathe computers and programming since the age of 9.
I lead the infrastructure development in the Israeli startup Cotendo. After it was acquired by Akamai, I became a principal lead on next generation internet infrastructure.
Today I am lead developer at Juno (acquired by Gett), a new fresh approach to ride sharing - building services for millions of users.
I am strongly believe in community contribution, I am a co-founder of Java IL, also a co-founder of Tech Leads IL. I am an open source contributor, and public speaker in tech conferences.
My favorite hobby: drinking coffee in the morning with the smell of CPU & GPU after a long night's computation cycle.

I am a Linux freak and hacker,
you can imagine what I bought for my childrens ::
* for first clothes..
* for first custom...
* for first doll....

YeaH you're right!
Tux the penguin!!!

I have an extensive experience in any Linux distro. In my free time I am playing with BackTrack :X, also I love to hack my network devices with dd-wrt, and doing some cool stuff with Raspberry Pi.
I love to code in C/C++ (on a decent OS...) and Java && Golang.
I live at the most of time at user space and little in kernel space.
As a senior of multiple startup companies, I can talk with you in any scripting language ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
In the R&D I love the D, but more the R.
I love the research domain, my ongoing research:

High performance network I/O programming approach: lightweight threads (coroutines) VS native threads.

Coarse-grained locks and Transactional Synchronization inside CPU (e.g Intel TSX): better throughput in locks based algorithms.

CUDA/OpenCL: how to utilize parallel algorithms with GPU parallelization.

My favorite topic in computer science are::
* high performance computing
* distributed computing and BigData
* high performance network servers
* lock free & wait free algorithms

I love to think in multi-threaded, and love to optimize everything!
P.S. I hope you already discovered that from the domain name...

I love to share my ideas and experience with the world, as part of it, I be a mentor for childrens in tech schools, and I was a computer science lecturer in the academy.

I am proud to be a part of the Cotendo success story. I started from the begining of the company at R&D and held a few positions:

* Tech Leader && Software & System Architect
* Infrastructure Team Leader

Cotendo was acquired by Akamai in 2012, and it's became a big part of its core technologies. I was a principal lead system software engineer @Akamai building the next generation of the Internet. This was a great journey!
My funny zone:

The best book I ever read::
The Linux Programming Interface

My favorite xkcd::
Ineffective Sorts

My favorite Abstruse Goose::
Computer Programming 101

The coolest hack ever::
Reflections on Trusting Trust (Ken Thompson Hack)

Funny stuff on theoretical vs practical in software engineering::
The Ultimate in Garbage Collection (1995)

Want to know more...

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My PGP::
cmpxchg16 (5571D0EB)

We can't done speaking without mention the master:: Linus Torvalds

One of my favorite quote:

"I really enjoyed doing Git, it was so much fun. When I started the whole design, started doing programming in user space, which I had not done for 15 years, it was like, wow, this is so easy. I don't need to worry about all these things, I have infinite stack, malloc just works. But in the kernel space, you have to worry about locking, you have to worry about security, you have to worry about the hardware. Doing Git, that was such a relief. But it got boring."

And one of the funniest images: ...

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