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My name is Uri Shamay, I am diverse technology enthusiast, hacker in my soul, tech lead and system architect. I live and breathe computers and programming since I was a child, and since then I've been playing with computers for hobby & profession.
I have 12 years experience of polyglot programming, mostly in the startup's world, building and architecting a wide variety of systems and infrastructures in multi-cloud environments, massively distributed and high-performance systems, BE, BI/DS, Big-Data, both from Dev and DevOps perspective, in a variety of programming languages, mostly on: C/C++, Java and Golang.
My previous roles included both technology mentorship and leading software engineers.
I was key player in Cotendo success story. I started from the begining of the company at R&D and held a few positions:

* Tech Leader && Software & System Architect
* Infrastructure Team Leader

After it was acquired by Akamai, I became a principal lead on the next generation internet infrastructure, built the edge server that run in 250K places worlwide.
I was first citizen and the lead developer at Juno (acquired by Gett), building services for millions of users in the ride sharing space.
As a community contribution believer, I co-founded Java IL and Tech Leads IL communities.
I also be a mentor for childrens in tech schools, and I was a computer science lecturer in the academy.
I have an extensive experience in any Linux distro. In my free time I am playing with BackTrack :X, also I love to hack my network devices with dd-wrt, and doing some cool stuff with Raspberry Pi.
My favorite hobby: drinking coffee in the morning with the smell of CPU & GPU after a long night's computation cycle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the R&D I love the D, but more the R, my ongoing research are:
* High performance network I/O programming approach: lightweight threads (coroutines) VS native threads.
* Coarse-grained locks and Transactional Synchronization inside CPU (e.g Intel TSX): better throughput in locks based algorithms.
* CUDA/OpenCL: how to utilize parallel algorithms with GPU parallelization.

My favorite topic in computer science are:
* high performance computing
* distributed computing and BigData
* high performance network servers
* lock free & wait free algorithms

I love to think in multi-threaded, and love to optimize everything!
P.S. LOL I hope you already discovered that from the domain name...

My 42 zone:
The best book I ever read:: The Linux Programming Interface
My favorite xkcd:: Ineffective Sorts
My favorite Abstruse Goose:: Computer Programming 101
The coolest hack ever:: Reflections on Trusting Trust (Ken Thompson Hack)
Funny stuff on theoretical vs practical in software engineering:: The Ultimate in Garbage Collection (1995)
Want to know more...
Follow me on GitHub:: GitHub
Follow me on Twitter:: @cmpxchg16
My PGP:: cmpxchg16 (5571D0EB)

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